Cast announced for ‘Accrington Pals’

The Henley Players’ autumn (15-18 October 2014) production will be The Accrington Pals, by Peter Whelan and directed by Jan Corby.

Director Jan Corby describes this play as follows: The play is set in Accrington, Lancashire. The play’s main focus is on the lives of those who were left behind, especially the women, but also the brave male volunteers, which led to the creation of ‘Pals’ regiments from towns and regions in the U.K. In this particular play The Accrington Pals, the men that faced the horror that was the Battle of the Somme (whose battalion’s formal name was The 11th Battalion and whose names are commemorated on the cenotaph which stands in Oak Hill Park, Accrington). The play is poignant and harrowing but often has comic vignettes which portray the everyday life of a town bereft of men.

‘Eva’ – Sabrina Fawcett
‘Sarah’ – Janice Selkirk
‘Bertha’ – Aimee McGoldrick
‘Annie’ – Pam Pitts
‘May’ – Hannah Roberts
‘Tom’ – Harry Petrie
‘Ralph’ – Charlie McMann
‘Reggie’ – Jude Mawbey
‘Company Sergeant Major Rivers’ – Steve Baxter
‘Arthur’ – Andy Marlow

Jan says: “If you would like to help out with this show, please get in touch with me” Jan Corby. We would love to have you involved!”

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