The Real Thing by Tom Stoppard

The Henley Players are delighted to announce our Spring production, The Real Thing by Tom Stoppard which will be performed at the Kenton Theatre from 16th to 19th March.
Love is the focus of The Real Thing, a brilliantly constructed play within a play by Tom Stoppard at his clever, witty and poignant best. An early 80s West End hit starring Felicity Kendal, it was also a Tony Award-winning Broadway triumph, with Glenn Close and Jeremy Irons. Described by theatre critic Michael Billington as “that rare thing….an intelligent play about love,” its appeal endures almost forty years on as we watch four entertaining, emotional characters wrestle with the highs and lows of love and passion in their day-to-day lives. Playwright Henry is married to actor Charlotte and actors Max and Annie to each other; the drama unfolds as relationships unravel. But how do we know which relationship is the ‘real thing’? The main themes of love and adultery are underwritten with typical Stoppard questions about the influence of art on life. This pertinent, funny and touching play, which crackles with sharp dialogue and shines an unforgiving spotlight on marriage and relationships, is not to be missed. As Henry tells us: “It’s no trick loving somebody at their best. Love is loving them at their worst”.
Max – Ioan Havard
Charlotte – Donna Thomson
Henry – Tim Harling
Annie – Grainne Harling
Debbie – Sigourney Lee
Billy – Stephen Taylor-Brown
Brodie – TBC

Saturday Sunday Monday – New Dates

It is with great excitement and not a little relief that we can announce that our much delayed production of the famous Italian comedy Saturday Sunday Monday by Eduardo de Filippo will be performed at the Kenton Theatre on 20th to 23rd October 2021.
Naples, early 1960s. It looks like any other weekend in the Priore family house. Mrs Rosa Priore spends her Saturday preparing her famous ‘ragú’ sauce, although she betrays a nervousness made worse by her husband Peppino, who tells her off with the most trivial pretexts and vents his anger at all surrounding him. Starting with his son, who seeks his grandfather’s advice rather than Peppino’s; then his daughter Giulianella, caught in a quarrel with her fiancé; finally, aunt Memè, guilty of pestering her son with useless medical advice.
Tension within the Priore family mounts until it reaches boiling point the next day. The Priores have invited to their traditional Sunday lunch their neighbours, accountant Luigi Ianniello and his wife. Luigi is a congenial and outgoing, albeit slightly overbearing friend to the Priores, especially Rosa. This causes Peppino to mistake Luigi’s kindness for a romantic interest, leading to an outburst of jealousy that spoils the lunch, and the day, for everybody involved.
The outburst is a result of years of accumulated misunderstandings which have undermined the Priore marriage. Rosa is so upset by the scene that she falls ill and is bedridden, assisted by her relatives. In the meantime, her husband regrets his behaviour and feels misunderstood by everybody.
Finally Monday arrives. The Priores reflect more calmly on what has happened and understand that, deep down, the reason that made the couple fight is actually the love that still binds them. Rosa and Peppino finally express to each other the feelings they have suppressed for years: now, their love, and the memories of their love, are reborn for a new start.
The cast……..
Donna Rosa….Julia Ashton
Virginia …….Liz McEwen
Peppino… Michael Mungarvan
Rocco….Archie Newman
Federico……Len Pannett
Antonio…..Tim Green
Giulianella….Lili Lottie Tuttle
Meme……..Rachel Head
Attilio…….Sam Wimbush
Raffaele…..Liz Keens
Luigi Ianello ……….Stephen Taylor-Brown
Elenea Ianello…..Pam Pitts
Michele….David Parsonson
Roberto …..Arnaldo Teodorani-Fabbri
Maria Carolina…..Jenny Cobb
Catiello, the tailor……Tim Harling
Dr. Cefercola…..Tim Harling
Director…..Teri Zambigli


It is with great regret that due to the worsening situation in the UK and globally with the coronavirus, and the Kenton Theatre announcing that as the result of the government advice yesterday it is closing till the end of April, we have no option but to postpone Saturday Sunday Monday until our Autumn slot at the theatre in October.  We had already been discussing this as the safety of our members has to be our top priority , and the risk of  infection with everyone in close proximity during rehearsals in the show week was becoming too greater for us to continue anyway.

I stress that we are not cancelling , but postponing, the production till our Autumn slot at the Kenton Theatre, which is 18th-24th. October. Our director, Teri, and the whole cast have said they are able to remain with the production, which is a great relief. They have all worked so hard and this is such a talented cast, so we are delighted to keep everyone together to do the play as originally intended.

We are still passionate about bringing this fantastic play to the Henley audience and I hope everyone will support the production in the Autumn.

Everyone please stay safe, keep washing your hands and we look forward to seeing you all soon.


Saturday Sunday Monday Fully Cast

Happy to announce that our next production, Saturday Sunday Monday,  is now fully cast and in rehearsal. It is a very funny play and part of an exciting documentary project. A link to the flyer is below for circulation.

Saturday Sunday Monday Flyer

The cast……..

Donna Rosa….Julia Ashton

Virginia …….Liz McEwen

Peppino… Michael Mungarvan

Rocco….Archie Newman

Federico……Len Pannett

Antonio…..Tim Green

Giulianella….Lili Tuttle

Meme……..Rachel Head

Attilio…….Sam Wimbush

Raffaele…..Liz Keens

Luigi Ianello……Steve Taylor-Brown

Elenea Ianello…..Pam Pitts

Michele….Tim Balmford

Roberto …..Arnaldo Teodorani-Fabbri

Maria Carolina…..Jemima Pettifer

Catiello, the tailor……Barry Rosier

Dr. Cefercola…..Barry Rosier


Director…..Teri Zambigli

Audition Pieces for Saturday Sunday Monday

We had a fantastic turnout for the readings last week for Saturday Sunday Monday and a lot of people took the audition pieces away with them but in case you didn’t or weren’t able to attend the readings please click on the links below to download them. The Auditions are at 8pm at Harpsden Hall on Tuesday and Wednesday this week so we look forward to seeing everyone there.


SSM Audition Pieces – Principal Roles

SSM Audition Pieces – Michele, Raffaele, Attilio, Gilulianella, Elena

SSM Audition Pieces – Federico, Dr Cerfecola, Roberto, Rocco, Virginia, Maria Carolina

Dangerous Corner by J.B. Priestley

Our latest production is Dangerous Corner by J.B. Priestley

Dangerous Corner is a well-crafted story, a thriller of truth, secrets and lies, where one loose word leads to an explosive combination of suspicions and emotions. The examination and exposure of the complex human relationships of the dinner party guests is the key, each new revelation taking us to new and more sinister possibilities until we reach an unexpected and gripping climax, a classic thriller.

Initially all seems well at the Caplan’s independent publishing house until a can of worms is unceremoniously ripped open at their dinner party. A chance remark plunges the guests into a re-examination of the mysterious events surrounding the recent death of young Martin Caplan and skeletons come crashing out of the closet in more ways than one. Life will never be the same again… or will it?

Performances at the Kenton Theatre, Henley-on-Thames

Box office: 01491 575 698

16–19 October 2019 at 7:30 pm

Matinee 19 October 2019 at 2:30 pm

Autumn 2018 Production of Brassed Off!

We are delighted to announce our Autumn 2018 production will be the brilliant comedy Brassed Off, featuring the Marlow Brass Band! We are fortunate to have Ian Head directing this cracking show for us.

Please go to the ‘Latest News‘ page for information on who has made it through auditions to be cast in this fun show! Please get in touch if you would like to help with crewing or publicity!

Brassed off cast announced!

Andy – Adam Bell
Gloria – Michela Evans
Danny – Richard Evans
Jim – Mike Fields
Harry – Mick Harris
Vera – Liz Keens
Rita – Jenny Sakal
Phil – Charlie McMann
Sandra – Sabrina McMann
Older Shane – Aaron Cook
Younger Shane – Freddie Formon
Melody – Louise Cook
Harmony – Sally Wheeler
Nurse Trudy – Trudy Hartwell (and just as importantly – makes the coffee!)
Nurse Louise – Louise Hemming
Bailiffs – Jenny Haywood, Richard Chambers
Announcers – Tanya Beeton, Tony Allerton


Brassed Off ….Ian Head will be directing this, and we are delighted to have the Marlow Brass Band with us (as many of them as we can get on the Kenton stage, anyway). The play is a poignant comedy drama dealing with the gradual shutdown of the British coal mining industry and the effects on the mining communities. The play centres on the local brass band, drawn from the pit and the local town, and its entry for a national competition at the Albert Hall, set against the background of picket lines, redundancies and the closure of the pit: the show is full of humour, drama, pathos and music, a celebration of human endeavour, and will be a great show to be involved with…plenty of acting roles, and a very different venture for us.

There will be two readings, on June 19th and June 26th, and auditions on 3rd July. If anyone wants to audition at the second reading because of summer commitments, let us know and we can arrange that. Other than that, we have the band, the music stands, the miners’ helmets and we are good to go!


News of awards….. we have three NODA District Winners……Harry Petrie as Edward Ferrars in Sense and Sensibility ( Charles Sumner Award for best male in a play), Sense and Sensibility (Pat Redheard Award for Best Drama) and Alek Auton (Sybil Conway Award for best female in a play)…so many congratulations to Harry and Alek, to the directors, Julie Huntington and Darrel Poulos, and to the casts and crews of the two plays.

Details of the NODA AGM and awards cermonies etc will be sent round separately : we hope that we will be well-represented after such successes and there is always the chance that one of the District Winners might well win the overall award for the whole area…Congratulations also to Vanessa Clayton of HAODS for her award as best female in a musical for “Diana” in “A Chorus Line”.Also congratulations to Julie Huntington , who won the Best Actress award for HAODS for her role as Effie in Effie’s Burning at the Henley Drama Festival at the Kenton Theatre (AND the Magic Moment Award!)…so a very successful season all round.