Past Productions

The Henley Players are delighted to announce our Autumn Production for 2023 which is A Bunch of Amateurs by Ian Hislop and Nick Newman. This comedy will be directed for us by Julia Ashton and will be performed at The Kenton Theatre from 18th-21st October 2023.
Ageing Hollywood action hero Jefferson Steele is looking forward to reviving his career by acting with the likes of Kenneth Branagh and Judi Dench in a production of King Lear at the birthplace of Shakespeare, Stratford-upon-Avon. What he hasn’t counted on is that the production is actually being staged in Stratford St John, a sleepy village in Suffolk, and his fellow cast members are an enthusiastic bunch of amateur thespians desperately trying to save their theatre. This laugh-out-loud comedy, written by Ian Hislop (Private Eye, Have I Got News For You) and Nick Newman (Spitting Image, Murder Most Horrid) is full of hilarious characters and snappy dialogue as acting worlds collide head-on.
Jefferson: Peter O’Sullivan
Dorothy: Pam Pitts
Mary: Rowena McMenamin
Nigel: Steve Mappley
Jessica: Christie Southwick
Lauren: Michaela Evans
Dennis: Mike Mungarvan
Delighted to announce that our Spring 2023 production will be The Philadelphia Story.
We are fortunate to have a director new to the Players, John Timewell, well-known for the Garden Players’ Shakespeare productions and for numerous musicals for HAODS and other societies.
Readings will be held on 8th and 10th November in Harpsden Hall from 8.00p.m.. The first audition will be on 15th November (also at 8.00p.m.) and a potential second one has been booked for 22nd November as the cast is quite large. Rehearsals will not start till after the Christmas holidays. The theatre is booked from 19th-25th March, and the playing dates will be 22nd-25th. March.
Philip Barry’s sparkling comedy The Philadelphia Story is a compelling mixture of wit, satire and romance which explores family relationships, class prejudice and human weakness. Wealthy, proud and beautiful, Tracy Lord is about to get married for the second time to her stuffy fiancé George Kittredge. But she hasn’t counted on Mike Connor, a principled reporter reluctantly working for a gossip weekly who has been sent to cover her wedding, and her quick-thinking, roguish first husband C. K. Dexter Haven. The presence of both men at her pre-nuptial party, a drunken midnight swim and champagne-addled declarations, forces Tracy to learn some painful lessons which knock her off her pedestal.
The Philadelphia Story was memorably filmed 1940, with James Stewart and Cary Grant starring alongside Katherine Hepburn. The musical version by Cole Porter, filmed as High Society, had Grace Kelly, Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra in the leading roles.
Dinah – Mid-teenage sister to Tracy. Intelligent and precocious.
Tracy Lord – Rich, haughty and strong willed. Divorced from C.K. Dexter Haven and about to marry George Ketteridge.
Margaret Lord – Mother of Tracy, Dinah and Sandy. Wife of Seth Lord.
Sandy Lord – Brother of Tracy. Trying to avert a family scandal being reported in the papers.
Uncle Willie – Kind hearted uncle of Tracy who likes a drink and is very flirtatious.
Mike Connor – Quality writer slumming it with a gossip publication to earn money. Strong working class principles who disapproves of the rich.
Liz Imbrie – Photographer working with Mike.
George Kitteridge – Self-made millionaire who comes from humble beginnings. Very ambitious and wants to marry into high society.
C.K. Dexter Haven – Wealthy and privileged, he comes from the same background as Tracy and was her first husband.
Seth Lord – Father of Tracy, Sandy and Dinah and husband to Margaret. Is having an affair with a young dancer, a scandal which Sandy is trying to prevent being made public.
Thomas/Elsie – An amalgam of 5 small servant roles

Our Autumn production will be Ladies in Lavender which has been adapted for stage by Shaun Mckenna and is based on the film written and directed by Charles Dance. This lovely production will be performed at the Kenton Theatre from 19th to 22nd October 2022.

Image by Andy Marlow




Ladies in Lavender is a heart-warming story of unfulfilled dreams and unrequited love. Based on the hit film which starred Judy Dench and Maggie Smith in the lead roles, it tells the tale of two retired sisters Ursula and Janet living in a close-knit fishing village in picturesque Cornwall in 1936.

A handsome and talented young Polish violinist bound for America was washed up on the shore. The sisters take him under their wing and nurse him back to health however the presence of the mysterious young man disrupts their peaceful lives and the community in which they live.

This is a beautiful poignant and award-winning piece of theatre adapted from the film by Shaun McKenna




Ursula – Jan Corby

Janet – Julia Ashton

Dorcas – Jenny Haywood

Andrea Marowski – Dean Stephenson

Dr Mead – Mike Mungarvan

Olga Danilof – Siggy Lee


Director – Wendy Huntley



The Henley Players are delighted to announce our Spring production, The Real Thing by Tom Stoppard which will be performed at the Kenton Theatre from 16th to 19th March.
Love is the focus of The Real Thing, a brilliantly constructed play within a play by Tom Stoppard at his clever, witty and poignant best. An early 80s West End hit starring Felicity Kendal, it was also a Tony Award-winning Broadway triumph, with Glenn Close and Jeremy Irons. Described by theatre critic Michael Billington as “that rare thing….an intelligent play about love,” its appeal endures almost forty years on as we watch four entertaining, emotional characters wrestle with the highs and lows of love and passion in their day-to-day lives. Playwright Henry is married to actor Charlotte and actors Max and Annie to each other; the drama unfolds as relationships unravel. But how do we know which relationship is the ‘real thing’? The main themes of love and adultery are underwritten with typical Stoppard questions about the influence of art on life. This pertinent, funny and touching play, which crackles with sharp dialogue and shines an unforgiving spotlight on marriage and relationships, is not to be missed. As Henry tells us: “It’s no trick loving somebody at their best. Love is loving them at their worst”.
Max – Ioan Havard
Charlotte – Donna Thomson
Henry – Tim Harling
Annie – Grainne Harling
Debbie – Sigourney Lee
Billy – Stephen Taylor-Brown
Brodie – TBC
Our Autumn 2021 production is the famous Italian comedy Saturday Sunday Monday by Eduardo de Filippo. The show dates are 20th to 23rd October 2021.
This will be directed for us by Teri Zambigli and is the final part of a project called Pane ed Eduardo (“Bread and Eduardo”), a documentary about Eduardo de Felippo’s legacy in the English-speaking theatre, which is being written and filmed by Teri. This is an exciting project for the Henley Players to be involved in and rehearsals will be filmed as will at least one of the shows. There is a big cast with parts for all ages so we are starting as soon as possible to cast the show. Please note that there may be further auditions later to complete the cast. We need as much support as possible so do come along and see what it is all about. Teri has asked us to make clear that no-one will be expected to assume an “Italian” accent, if your character has any short Italian phrases e.g. Bon appetite, buona note, buona sera, Tutti and so on, Teri will make sure you know how to pronounce them. Otherwise the action will be entirely in English!
Love in Idleness Image[2078]
Love in Idleness Image[2078] DSC_4813 DSC_4587
2023 A Bunch of Amateurs
2023 The Philadelphia Story
2022 Ladies in Lavender
2022 The Real Thing
2021 Saturday, Sunday, Monday by Eduardo de Filippo
2019 Love in Idleness


2018 Brassed Off 2018 Arcadia
2017 Seagulls 2017 After the Dance
2017 Sense and Sensibility 2016 Comic Potential
2016 The Constant Wife 2015 Maskerade
2015 The Ladykillers 2014 The Last Two Lines
2014 The Accrington Pals 2014 Quartet
2013 Great Expectations 2013 Say Something Happened
2013 Communicating Doors 2012 The Train Out of Cloon
2012 Harlequinade & The Browning Version 2012 Calendar Girls
2011 Bedroom Farce 2011 Roman Fever
2010 For Thine is the Kingdom 2010 A Voyage Round My Father
2010 The Country Wife

2000 – 2009

2009 The Vortex 2009 The Time of Year
2009 The Death of Cuchulan 2009 The Graduate
2008 A Murder is Announced 2008 Sixty-Love
2008 Wyrd Sisters 2007 A Separate Piece
2007 The Entertainer 2007 Jamaica Inn
2006 Lady Windermere’s Fan 2006 Hobson’s Choice
2005 Beside 2005 Humble Boy
2005 Too Long an Autumn 2005 My Cousin Rachel
2004 The Virtuous Burgler 2004 The Tow Path
2004 Playboy of the Western World 2004 The Winslow Boy
2003 Move over Mrs Markham 2003 A Streetcar Named Desire
2003 Three More Sleepless Nights 2002 The Reading Group
2002 The Hothouse 2002 Confusions
2001 Last Tango in Whitby 2001 Between Mouthfuls
2001 Can You Hear the Music 2001 Murder in the Cathedral
2001 Hay Fever 2000 Cavalcade
2000 Party Time 2000 Green Forms
2000 Wild Goose Chase


1999 Arms and the Man 1999 In Room Five Hundred and Four
1999 Words of Advice 1999 Blithe Spirit
1998 Fumed Oak 1998 The Deep Blue Sea
1998 The Lady’s not for Burning 1997 In by the Half
1997 Les Liaisons Dangereuses 1997 Ring Round the Moon
1997 One for the Road 1996 Arsenic and Old Lace
1996 Dancing at Lughnasa 1996 Peril at End House
1995 Ways and Means 1995 Still Life
1994 Rose and Crown 1994 Waiting in the Wings
1994 An Inspector Calls 1993 A Small Family Business
1993 Steel Magnolias 1993 Looking for Rosie
1992 The Lady Aoi 1992 Night Must Fall
1991 Born in the Garden 1990 Moby Dick
1990 Candleford 1990 A Collier’s Tuesday Tea

1980 – 1989

1989 The Shewing Up of Blanco Posnet 1990 The Vagabond Prince
1989 Noises Off 1989 Overruled
1989 Augustus Does His Bit 1988 California Suite
1988 The Fire Raisers 1988 The Happy Journey
1988 Harlequinade 1988 The Browning Version and
1987 Thank You, Henley and Goodbye 1987 Outside Edge
1987 Hello Out There! 1987 The Killing of Sister George
1986 Deirdre 1986 The Caucasian Chalk Circle
1986 Lark Rise 1985 Who Killed Santa Clause?
1985 A Jubilee 1985 Macbeth
1985 Seasons Greetings 1985 A Flea in Her Ear
1984 A Slight Ache 1984 The Threepenny Opera
1984 The Importance of Being Earnest 1983 A Bear Called Paddington
1983 Streuth 1983 The Captain of Kopenick
1983 Barefoot in the Park 1983 Gotcha!
1982 At the Hawk’s Well 1982 Hay Fever
1982 Absent Friends 1981 A Resounding Tinkle
1981 What the Butler Saw 1981 Streuth
1980 The Maids 1980 Flint
1980 The Funeral 1980 Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf

1970 – 1979

1979 Antigone and Lysistrata 1979 The Wanton Wife
1979 Cause Celebre 1979 A Midsummer Night’s Dream
1978 She Stoops to Conquer 1978 Habeas Corpus (Act 2)
1978 Blue Comedy 1978 Hotel Paradiso
1977 Mourning Becomes Elects 1977 Hello Out There!
1977 The Hollow Crown 1977 Habeas Corpus
1976 The Visit 1976 After Magritte
1976 Under Milk Wood 1976 The Importance of Being Earnest
1975 The Sword of Galanta 1975 Billy Liar
1975 Waiting for Godot (Act 1) 1975 Black Comedy
1974 Oh, What a Lovely War 1974 The Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew
1974 The Rape of the Belt 1973 Toad of Toad Hall
1973 Hedda Gabler 1973 Dark of the Moon
1972 The Heiress (Act 1) 1972 Everything in the Garden
1972 A Penny for a Song 1971 Escape to Fear
1971 Wait Until Dark 1971 The Killing of Sister George
1971 Happy Journey 1970 The Killing of Sister George
1970 Black Comedy 1970 Spring and Port Wine

1960 – 1969

1969 Uncle Vanya 1969 The Bald Prima Donna
1969 The Crucible 1969 The Red Velvet Coat
1968 Le Malade Imaginaire 1968 The Laboratory
1968 Black Chiffon 1967 A Sunny Morning
1967 Hay Fever 1966 The Laboratory
1966 One Hour to Dusk 1965 Tartuffe
1965 The Proposal 1964 The Laboratory
1964 A Man for all Seasons 1964 All the Winners
1963 Doctor in the House 1963 Two Gentlemen of Soho
1962 The Princess and the Swineherd 1962 Grand National Night
1960 The Love Match 1960 My Three Angels

1950 – 1959

1959 Queer Street 1959 Sailor, Beware!
1959 Dry Rot 1958 It’s Never Too Late
1957 Pink String and Sealing Wax 1956 Golden Rain
1956 Thark 1955 Heaven and Charing Cross
1954 Family Affairs 1954 Corinth House
1953 Blithe Spirit 1953 Night Must Fall
1953 Ladies in Retirement 1952 Fresh Fields
1952 Love on the Dole 1951 If Four Walls Told
1951 The Merchant of Venison 1951 Grapefruit
1951 Waiting for the Train 1951 Four Stages in Matrimony
1950 Dangerous Corner 1950 The Torch Bearers

1948 – 1949

1949 Today of all Days 1949 The Dear Departed
1949 The House in Fern Road 1948 Wasn’t it Odd?




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