Calendar Girls Casting News

News from Director David Parsonson: Thank you to everybody for the hard work put into the auditions. It has been a very time consuming and difficult task to complete casting, taking in to account vocal colour, clarity, visual depth, colouring, height variation, commanding security and visual group eccentricities, that would play with the audiences emotions and ensure their acceptance. I look forward to seeing the “sunflowers grow”.

Chris – Margie Barrass; Annie – Jan Corby; Jessie – Julie Huntington; Celia – Claire Hewitt; Ruth – Karen du Plessis; Marie – Jan Beyts; Brenda Hulse – Carol Lynch; John – Richard Evans; Rod – Gareth Saunders; Lady Cravenshire – Caroline Hopkins; Lawrence – to be confirmed; Elaine – Claire Taylor; Liam – to be confirmed

With the Voices of:
WI Conference Chairperson – Kate Lindsey; American Radio Commentary – Darrel Poulos; English Television Commentary – Tim Green; French Radio Commentary – Christine Naughton

Stage and Technical Personnel:
Stage Manager – Jerry Anderson; Lighting Designer – Kim Hollamby; Sound Designer – Bruce Smith; Costume Supervisor – to be confirmed; Costume Assistant – Angie Green; Scenic Artists – to be confirmed; Properties – Kim Agostino; Dialogue Coach – Jeni Wood; Prompt – Jill Richardson; Hair – Hayley Wilkinson; Make-Up – to be confirmed; Stage Crew – to be confirmed; Dressers – to be confirmed

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