Triumph at the Didcot Drama Festival!

Congratulations to Alex Rogers, Sue Baxter and cast and crew for doing so well at the Didcot Drama Festival in May. Alex Rogers’ ‘For Thine is the Kingdom’ won Best Play, Alice Evans won Best Actress, Jan Beyts won Best Supporting role, and Alex narrowly missed out on the Best Actor award. A wonderful result of which we are very proud.

We are also proud to acknowledge the kudos gained at the Wallingford Corn Exchange Festival in early June, where ‘Kingdom’ won the Punters’ (Audience) Prize for Best Play, and Alice Evans was awarded the Adjudicator’s Award.

As you may know, this year we entered a record four (!) theatre festivals: Maidenhead Drama Festival, Kenton Drama Festival, Didcot Drama Festival, and the Wallingford Corn Exchange Festival. ‘For Thine is the Kingdom’ was written by Alex Rogers, and is a savage black comedy about fear, prejudice and the dangers of playing God. Our guest director for this show was Sue Baxter, Head of Drama at St Gabriel’s, Newbury. Alex Rogers and Alison Evans played the challenging lead roles, ably supported by Jan Beyts and Dominic Walker. Thanks to various other members of THP for providing stage management and other support.

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