Saturday Sunday Monday – New Dates

It is with great excitement and not a little relief that we can announce that our much delayed production of the famous Italian comedy Saturday Sunday Monday by Eduardo de Filippo will be performed at the Kenton Theatre on 20th to 23rd October 2021.
Naples, early 1960s. It looks like any other weekend in the Priore family house. Mrs Rosa Priore spends her Saturday preparing her famous ‘ragú’ sauce, although she betrays a nervousness made worse by her husband Peppino, who tells her off with the most trivial pretexts and vents his anger at all surrounding him. Starting with his son, who seeks his grandfather’s advice rather than Peppino’s; then his daughter Giulianella, caught in a quarrel with her fiancé; finally, aunt Memè, guilty of pestering her son with useless medical advice.
Tension within the Priore family mounts until it reaches boiling point the next day. The Priores have invited to their traditional Sunday lunch their neighbours, accountant Luigi Ianniello and his wife. Luigi is a congenial and outgoing, albeit slightly overbearing friend to the Priores, especially Rosa. This causes Peppino to mistake Luigi’s kindness for a romantic interest, leading to an outburst of jealousy that spoils the lunch, and the day, for everybody involved.
The outburst is a result of years of accumulated misunderstandings which have undermined the Priore marriage. Rosa is so upset by the scene that she falls ill and is bedridden, assisted by her relatives. In the meantime, her husband regrets his behaviour and feels misunderstood by everybody.
Finally Monday arrives. The Priores reflect more calmly on what has happened and understand that, deep down, the reason that made the couple fight is actually the love that still binds them. Rosa and Peppino finally express to each other the feelings they have suppressed for years: now, their love, and the memories of their love, are reborn for a new start.
The cast……..
Donna Rosa….Julia Ashton
Virginia …….Liz McEwen
Peppino… Michael Mungarvan
Rocco….Archie Newman
Federico……Len Pannett
Antonio…..Tim Green
Giulianella….Lili Lottie Tuttle
Meme……..Rachel Head
Attilio…….Sam Wimbush
Raffaele…..Liz Keens
Luigi Ianello ……….Stephen Taylor-Brown
Elenea Ianello…..Pam Pitts
Michele….David Parsonson
Roberto …..Arnaldo Teodorani-Fabbri
Maria Carolina…..Jenny Cobb
Catiello, the tailor……Tim Harling
Dr. Cefercola…..Tim Harling
Director…..Teri Zambigli

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